Hi, I’m David. A product/web designer from Sacramento with a passion for using digital design to help small businesses thrive.

photo of david

I combine my empathy and communication skills with design and development to create authentic experiences for businesses and their customers.

My journey in digital design started when I was young, as I’ve always had an interest in design and creativity whether it be graphic design, photography, or music. I’ve also always had an interest in culture, technology, and how they seem to influence each other unintentionally.

The culmination of all of these interests left me with a refined taste for art and design, and I naturally leaned towards a career that was in proximity to these sorts of things.

I later obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Cultural Studies from the University of California Riverside in 2020. And believe it or not, I was beginning my young career with a stint in the music industry. I thought with my interest and knowledge in culture and in music, surely this was the career path for me.

Which in short time, I realized I was interested in these things not because I enjoyed consuming them, but deep down I wanted to be a contributor myself. I yearned to actually create the things that affected people, not just someone in proximity to it.

This then led me to learning all facets of digital design, where now I help startups and small businesses optimize their products to best serve their users. My mission is to showcase how good design can serve businesses and individuals and is worth so much more than something that just looks cool (although that is very important).

Good design is a valuable asset to any businesses, and while it may be often overlooked, I believe now it’s as important as ever. My portfolio is a testament to this, showcasing projects for startups and small businesses where I provide value by not only creating things that are visually appealing, but are practical and effective as well.


Webflow Certified